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My penis is tiny and
Du Mauriers are my favourite brand but the distinct are hella expensive, like $18 a pack
Comment from : My penis is tiny and

Pyroman /
In canada we love rich strong tabbaco
Comment from : Pyroman /

Pyroman /
2:10 we have plain packs now in Canada they just started so might be some old stock around with branding but no new stuff
Comment from : Pyroman /

b_ o-q
My absolute fav . but I smoke the King size. Now I can not buy dumaurier with the duplus filter b\c plain package changes in Canada. Wtf I feel poisoned! Seriously I am ill/sick .... these are NOT the same smokes !!!
Comment from : b_ o-q

They only for $13 with tax in Canada for a 25 pack of Regulars.
Comment from : Koolio5012

Fatal Shot Gaming
Good luck to you in 15 years
Comment from : Fatal Shot Gaming

Hugh Morris
have you ever had a pack of belmonts
Comment from : Hugh Morris

Back when I smoked these were my favourite, definitely recommend but don’t at the same time haha
Comment from : Forlini-Jr

jacob vaten
You should try John Player Special from Canada du maurier is great but it lacks the flavor and nicotine of JPS
Comment from : jacob vaten

Jack Payne
I find it so funny how he completely ignores the warnings of dying people 😂
Comment from : Jack Payne

Sadboyyoungan Music
NGL the image on the pack of de maurier cigarettes is enough to make me quit (if i even smoked) but i vape instead
Comment from : Sadboyyoungan Music

Eazy_Lifeb TV
The fucking pictures really fuck it up for me, it’s so stupid for the government to step in and tell us what to put in our bodies.
Comment from : Eazy_Lifeb TV

T. Switzer
Rothmans signature King Size are by far the most expensive, (red or blue) they are only offered in Canada, not available in the uk. Don't be mislead with Rothmans standards, King size are their premium cigarette for Canada. 21.00/pack in Alberta. Relatives in the UK constantly want us to ship King Size Rothmans cartons to the UK because they are not sold there. Most expensive cigarette in AB, and probably the most enjoyable to smoke.
Comment from : T. Switzer

Tyler Mitchell
0:58 Damn! And I thought American Spirits were expensive! Lol
Comment from : Tyler Mitchell

Thats not king size thats regular hahaha
Comment from : 420

Danny K
I dont think you can tell or not with a squeeze what possible difference?
Comment from : Danny K

Here in South Africa we have Dunhill that has that " filter du plus" and it is trash you can't even take a normal drag from it its that tight...
Comment from : RAGINGSTICK MAN

Félix Colpron
That "that's what she said" was hilarious 😂
Comment from : Félix Colpron

Enserio Notemientó
How do you not get cancer? I thought lots of cigarette smoking causes cancer???...
Comment from : Enserio Notemientó

Badass Gamer Don't Be A Prick
In canada we call them darts
Comment from : Badass Gamer Don't Be A Prick

Moyah M
Another great review, Nick! Keep up the good work.
Comment from : Moyah M

It shows you don’t have that packaging in the Us you’re supposed to open the left side first LOL
Comment from : S A D Z A C SeSH

Most expensive in Canada for $14? I live in Canada and I know Belmont’s go for about $20, king sized go for even more. Cheapest one u can get are BB’s, it’s the most disgusting and dirt cheap cigs in Canada for just $4 for a pack of 20.
Comment from : cowboi

Lpachino Qc
Canadien are the best to make cigarette américan cigarette are nothing its a junk
Comment from : Lpachino Qc

rocky bull
Try gudang garam international, it's best cigarrettes in my country among with young smokers
Comment from : rocky bull

They are called du muarier reds to my knowledge. Atleast everyone knows what you mean when you say that. Some people would definitely be confused is you said signature
Comment from : MrM2theA2theD

Cris I.V.Y
Your voice must be nicotine cause I'm addicted and just subbed buddy!
Comment from : Cris I.V.Y

just out here rippin a dart, eh bud?
Comment from : explodingcrack435

SlayinSaiyan 94
Canadian Classics, exports A , is good,
Comment from : SlayinSaiyan 94

Top Raman166
Love the Daumrier blue
Comment from : Top Raman166

Super Haze
DuMaurier’s run for $19.60 a pack here in Nova Scotia, Canada now.
Comment from : Super Haze

general black man temple
Yeah Canadian cigarettes has creepy boxes
Comment from : general black man temple

Simon Johnson
Anyone know why U.S cigs don’t come in packs like that
Comment from : Simon Johnson

Ciaran Lyall
He lit that smooth af
Comment from : Ciaran Lyall

Terrence Leonard
Nick what do you do with the cigs you review?
Smoke them
Give them out

Comment from : Terrence Leonard

HVAC Wonders
Those are some cool ciggys
Comment from : HVAC Wonders

nicolas cardinal
im from canada and to prononce it is like doo more i et
Comment from : nicolas cardinal

Ko Lhor
Turn on sub 7:12
Comment from : Ko Lhor

Noman Name
They are stupid expensive, but good
Comment from : Noman Name

Joe Q Public
Belmont cigs might actually be better than these in Canada.
Comment from : Joe Q Public

When I smoked I used to buy Marlboro 25's which was just a pack of regular Marlboro Lights with 25 in the pack instead of 20 and I'm in America. Although I always bought them from a country store. Love the show Nick!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Hartleyb83

Nice vid. Sad thing is, come November our Canuck packs will be just like the Australian packs- 3/4 of it will be warnings (same as they are now), but they'll be doing away with any 'attractive' or 'enticing' designs and logos, opting for the plain brown with plain white text look. Bittersweet to be honest with you. Just saw the article today
Comment from : ScotianBrunswicker

deavon dungeon
instead of smoking all i need to relax is to honestly just watch my man nick review some cigs
Comment from : deavon dungeon

Kory Lewis
Try Belmont, Regulars (not king size). From Canada .....Trust me.
Comment from : Kory Lewis

someone should send Nick smokes from the Indian rez noname brands
Comment from : Raccoon

Du Maurier fucking suck

RM Food Reviews
lmao im in winnipeg and these cost $20 here
Comment from : RM Food Reviews

Gary Babulal
I love smoking come trinidad and smoke we du m I smoke that one in Canada it's close to led red trinidad cig better bro order a pk
Comment from : Gary Babulal

This is my brand of cigarettes. I absolutely love them. Some corrections here. Just remember its pronounced du More-eh-A, also its called a duplus filter, you read the french side lol. I didnt know that they came in a slide n shell package, as I always buy them in a regular 25 (sometimes 20s) fliptop box pack. Also, in Canada regular size (shorts) are very common, king size would be your worldwide standard size. Im glad you enjoyed them.
Comment from : jojorobino5312

Marc-olivier Anglehart
Man im from montreal tho and its so cool to see you review our cigarets 👍
Comment from : Marc-olivier Anglehart

BHoe Plays
Man and these darts are seen as super nappy up here in Canada, so hearing you speak so highly of them kinda messed me up lol
Comment from : BHoe Plays

Cody Gibson
do you like russian cigs?
Comment from : Cody Gibson

I need to send Nick a pack of Belmont’s
Comment from : David

Kelly Bateson
Hey Nick I'm a huge fan of yours u should try number 7 from Canada
Comment from : Kelly Bateson

Comment from : BloxGod

Belmont cigarettes from canada are more expensive and much more delightful, would appreciate a review.
Comment from : inukiasa

bill bob
Does anybody else notice a chocolate flavor when having du maurier signature, i always pair my du maurier with chocolate milk lol
Comment from : bill bob

Your Mother Hubbard
Most Premium canadian cigarettes are by far better then any American cigarettes
Comment from : Your Mother Hubbard

Big Rackades
Belmont’s are actually more expensive than du marier. The Belmont cigarettes have a charcoal filter and come in 25 packs. IMO Belmont’s are more enjoyable
Comment from : Big Rackades

Who the hell smokes cigarettes for a living
Comment from : Hova

Hammy Games
would you like me to send you a pack of Belmont's they're the bestselling smokes in Canada as well as the best tasting for most. or maybe we could even do a pack swap because I've never had American smokes, but whatever you'd prefer.
Comment from : Hammy Games

Joshua Garcia
That’s what she said is the funniest shit I’ve heard nick say
Comment from : Joshua Garcia

Michael D'Hondt
This and export a green were my main brands before the price went crazy now I vape an epuffer which is a very good cigalike i rate it 10/10 too. Epuffer magnum snaps if your interested and you can fill the blank cartridges.
Comment from : Michael D'Hondt

Jack Laughton
what 14 dollars a pack!! in Australia the cheap shit is 60-70 dollars a pack wtf!!
Comment from : Jack Laughton

Colin Gillis
Most expensive cigarettes in Canada are Benson Hedges at about 20$ per pack
Comment from : Colin Gillis

Lance Johnson
Why do they always have pictures of people dying from smoking on the boxes?
Comment from : Lance Johnson

Antonio Susic
Comment from : Antonio Susic

I like Potatoes
Do your viewers know they are committing criminal acts when they send you unproperly stamped tobacco without authorization for export by the mail?
Comment from : I like Potatoes

Ankido Aziz
Hi Nick . When i was in Canada last year i ran out of Marlboro so I tried this brand . They tasted good for the first couple hours and then they really got me sick and started coughing . For some reason cigarettes that are sold in Canada are bad comparing to our cigarettes in the US .
Comment from : Ankido Aziz

Cruelty 420
Wow! Very rare 10/10.. im surprised, they must be extremely good. Nice review brotha.
Comment from : Cruelty 420

God this channel makes me wanna smoke again. I'm Canadian and yeah these are the best
Comment from : Blueshit101

I stopped smoking cigarettes, but goddamn I miss DuMaurier. I was smoking DuMaurier before they created filter DuPlus, And that filter really improved the cigarette itself. That outside foam stay strong even when people put saliva on the filter. The filter stay strong even for the lung hitters that squeeze the cigarette with their lips. The inside of the filter do the ''filter job''. It is in my opinion the only 10 on 10 cigarette out there. I prefer the blue pack than the red pack wich is a light version of it, so there is some tiny holes on the filter. Goddamn I would smoke one of them right now !!!
Comment from : docandthedoctor

The intro has me dead lmao done this so many times you can say the into at light speed
Comment from : Schnadez

Death Painful
Not many ppl know that canada has a very incredible high premium quality of tobacco. Dumauriar is a premium cigarette here. And a bit more expensive than others. But that's due to the high quality. " players " cigarette would be there equal competition in Canada, along with 2 or 3 others. From there we have a few that are a but more expensive that would go towards the ultra premium. But we also have a lower costing tobacco that rivals any other tobacco around the world. I've been told canadian cigarettes have a perfume like taste compared to American. I may not agree with that, however American cigarettes have a strong tar like content in every smoke. There definitely a lot stronger than ours. As a matter of fact, because I live next to the border of Detroit, I get the Marlboro reds whenever I'm there. But after about 3 or 4 days of smoking them I'm ready to die. American and Canadian cigarettes are night and day.
Comment from : Death Painful

Spencer Hazard
As you see the cigarette has a nice ass I mean ash
Comment from : Spencer Hazard

Spencer Hazard
This video makes me moist lik
Comment from : Spencer Hazard

Turn captions on at 7min mark... WTF YouTube. You should be ashamed.

Great review Nick

Comment from : Snaffle

Jesus Murphy
$14 a pak ? That's insane lol
Comment from : Jesus Murphy

Jesus Murphy
Woman cigarette
Comment from : Jesus Murphy

EastCoast Podcast
Salem’s made a black pack with a cork filter that slide out to,the side. Also one of the filters was green
Comment from : EastCoast Podcast

EastCoast Podcast
God that pack is disgusting with the dying guy.
Comment from : EastCoast Podcast

Agent piggles
Why are they making these cigarettes if they are trying to make you quit wtf I’m so confused
Comment from : Agent piggles

I really hope you're not one of those assholes that just throws their cigarette butts out the window like i just saw you do
Comment from : dylan907

alex walter
You stare at it like my wife stares at my dick. “Wow, this is good. I’m blown away”
Comment from : alex walter

Sab Esq
I dont smoke anymore...this really makes me wana smoke...good thing i have weed
Comment from : Sab Esq

Dave Xiongnu匈奴
its regular size cigs not kingsize so thats why its smaller and the regular size i say its has more taste by experience good video tho take care and tbh i dont like the du maurier, roof top and exportee are way better i would say
Comment from : Dave Xiongnu匈奴

Josh Kuri
From Canada here...you think du Maurier is good then you'd be mind blown by a Belmont.
Comment from : Josh Kuri

nathin weitzel
Nick, I smoke dumauriers every day and let me tell ya, you got it all on the dot. Nothing beats the true Canadian tobacco. If possible you could review the Northfield cigarette? most unique Canadian cigarette i promise.
Comment from : nathin weitzel

Cassandra Trbovich
3:21 The moment you realize these sticks are packaged like a box of crayons. XD
Comment from : Cassandra Trbovich

Charg La dose
Someone send Nick McDonald's and Québec classic plz
Comment from : Charg La dose

Things like "full flavour" or "light" aren't allowed in Canada anymore so du Maurier made their colour system. Red = full flavour, Blue = light, Silver = super light, Yellow = ultra light. du Maurier reds are my cigarette of choice.
Comment from : pukalo

Definitely not the most expensive cigarettes you can get in Montreal.
Comment from : Glarmj

They overdo it in Canada? Look at Winnie Blues!
Comment from : vonBelfry

Hitting Bills
Here in BC Canada we just call em du Maurier reds. 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Hitting Bills

alex eckert
Have you ever tried roll your own cigarettes
Comment from : alex eckert

Cooper McCormick
When even the cigarettes show you you're death. 0:25
Comment from : Cooper McCormick

Cooper McCormick
When even the cigarettes show you you're death. 0:25
Comment from : Cooper McCormick

Cooper McCormick
When even the cigarettes show you you're death. 0:25
Comment from : Cooper McCormick

Ice Flavour
Everyone where I'm from in Ontario smokes bellies or du-mor reds if they can afford it. Shits expensive. I've long since quit myself, but I loved dumor reds and coffee - best way to start my day back then
Comment from : Ice Flavour

we definitely got the best cigarettes up here but holy fuck try a next blue, worst damn tasting thing in the world lol
Comment from : YungYames

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