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Portgas D. MinHee
I speak french from Québec esti. Québécois would like to keep their language. Thanks you very much.
Comment from : Portgas D. MinHee

Declan MacLeod
Live in lloydminster alberta which is border of alberta and sask, a tin on alberta side is $35 and $27 on sask side, ALSO flavors are illegal in alberta ffs
Comment from : Declan MacLeod

Dilbert 69
One can of dip at the store in canada is 26:50 but 18 at rez
Comment from : Dilbert 69

marc antoine hebert
in quebec we only have straight flavor and only skoal and copenhagen one can cost like 25 bucks i would love to try the outlaws dip
Comment from : marc antoine hebert

Cody Dion
canadian skoal straight is far better than american. american taste bland and like it's lacking something. a guy has to chew twice as much to get any satisfaction out of it.
Comment from : Cody Dion

flavors are now illegal in Canada only cope straight or skoal dark (which is only a Canadian flavor) id you can get a can of skoal dark i recomend trying it its actually good
Comment from : Gager

Both are made in USA... lol
Comment from : Broccoli

West Loje
Here in Canada it is $23 for one can of skoal straight. And they only sell wintergreen mint straight Because they banned most favours. unless you go to the reserve where they sell a can of skoal for like $3 to $5
Comment from : West Loje

Letter Kenny
Welcome to Canada where we have no fucking rights and everything is decided for us.
Comment from : Letter Kenny

Vitaly Zhukov
This guy is great but he's totally a CHAD BROTATO CHIPPPP
Comment from : Vitaly Zhukov

Makaveli ThaDon
As a canadian nothing beats straight long cut yankee copenhagen dip.
Comment from : Makaveli ThaDon

UPMiner 616
It's in plastic because it lasts longer when it sits on the shelf also why it is usually drier because it doesnt sell as well. The taxes on it, smokes, and alcohol finance their health insurance so I guess if you pay a premium living in the states you wouldnt be paying that there... my friends who live there like their healthcare so I guess if you dont use alcohol or tobacco you make out.... the high prices also are supposed to be a deterrent and I guess I'd I had to pay 25 bucks a can I'd quit so it probably works.... every time I've gone over I bring the 6 cans and an open one on my pocket and never had anything said to me about it
Comment from : UPMiner 616

Lane Henkle
I'm not going to complain about the prices here anymore. That shit is rediculous
Comment from : Lane Henkle

Dylan VanDyke
I work at a diesel shop and drive a gasser... """""Whuuuutttt??!!!!""" I must be stupid (narrow minded"
Comment from : Dylan VanDyke

Dylan VanDyke
Most underrated dip
Comment from : Dylan VanDyke

I wonder if you could get away with bringing 6 cans of dip...but remove 4 grams from one of them?
Comment from : Impaleification

Canada is a communist shithole !
Comment from : OnTheWay

Chris Dogan
I get all my dip for free, and even if I had the money, I’d still steal that shit.
Comment from : Chris Dogan

Just paid $26 Canadian for cope southern blend. That's $19.20 USD. Canada fuckin sucks
Comment from : 88IDontBuyIt88

roxas the sable willing and able
I know this video is pretty old but I need to comment on the southern and this seemed like a good place to begin. While I greatly enjoy the taste of the southern I just hate how it seems like a dry powered. It seems to be cut pretty fine for a long cut.
Comment from : roxas the sable willing and able

dino saur
In Texas cope is 5.65
Comment from : dino saur

Alex Clark
I live in Canada and I hate the cans
Comment from : Alex Clark

This guys a fucking idiot
Comment from : bono69ful

American Militaria 4
This is not helping people quiting you idiot how stupid are you
Comment from : American Militaria 4

I live right on the border so I can just drive across pick up a can then come back. Pay a bit for tax but not much
Comment from : R B

patrick holten
I will admit however, the outlaw dips do have a real good nicotine kick.
Comment from : patrick holten

Crosis of Borg
i own farm land in canada. I'll just grow my own tabbaccy.
Comment from : Crosis of Borg

jesse budge
Ya are Canadian cans are fucking ugly that’s why I’m ordering of northerner.
Comment from : jesse budge

Mad Mudder
2019 shit in Canada the prices are still going up. Tobacco/alcohol/weed/drugs. But good news! It doesn’t cost a cent to get a clue and quit 😉
Comment from : Mad Mudder

Adrian mckeage
I live in Ontario and the only dip you can but is straight and wintergreen if youre lucky
Comment from : Adrian mckeage

Cody Dion
canadian chew is better than american just like our beer! lol
Comment from : Cody Dion

Cody Dion
i'm from manitoba in canada. when i buy a tin the first thing i do when i open a tin i pop an american skoal lid on my tin and keep it on until i need to transfer it to my next tin. lol the american tins are much prettier than canadian.
Comment from : Cody Dion

Jessi Looney
this world is spposed to be free and iys ours we should not have to pay for anything
Comment from : Jessi Looney

Super Cracker
I live in Tennessee and cope southern blend costs 3.68 and I’ve even got a vidja of me doing it
Comment from : Super Cracker

Mr. Boombastic
Cope Southern Blend is good shit
Comment from : Mr. Boombastic

Dawson Vanvleck
In Georgia grizzly and Copenhagen cost $5.00
Comment from : Dawson Vanvleck

Dirty D
Shit, I wish it was 3.50 for a can of cope here in commifornia. Picked up a can of cope longcut today for over $8!
Comment from : Dirty D

jonny walker
Did you quit dippin ??
Comment from : jonny walker

Brandon Renner
Just bought a can of southern blend in Kentucky today, it's 2.99 in ky
Comment from : Brandon Renner

Brady T
In newfoundland, canada. A gas station on the highway has singular cans of copenhagen long cut southern blend for $40.93 taxes in.
Comment from : Brady T

Big Jack
Why did he show that girl because I’m in no nut November
Comment from : Big Jack

Wild Cat Greaser
Does dip ever give you heart burn it does me
Comment from : Wild Cat Greaser

Kal Wayne
Come to Ontario bring dip !
Comment from : Kal Wayne

I quit dip and started vaping cause a dip can cost 23$ hàaaaaa wtf is up Canada
Comment from : Dude

Boiman Toby
3.50 in California jeez that’s cheap Texas needs to get it together it’s like 4.90 at a good store here
Comment from : Boiman Toby

Brad Elder
32$ in Saskatchewan
Comment from : Brad Elder

Uncle Silvers
$16 in Saskatchewan
Comment from : Uncle Silvers

Trenton Stroud
I thought when I moved to north Carolina $5 was way to expensive 😂
Comment from : Trenton Stroud

Maxime Portugais
Go to indian reserve....you pay more than in the us....but half the price...and if uk where to go ull pay 5$ a can....if not youll pay 25
Comment from : Maxime Portugais

Pierre R
Everyone can speak English in Canada but not everyone can speak French so it's retarded how they have both
Comment from : Pierre R

Jack B
Paid 4.80 for a can of SB today
Comment from : Jack B

You complaining about the text on Canadian tins but soon in America we will have Spanish and English. Together lol
Comment from : Michaelatky

w.d.dalton rowsell
hey guys who live in fucking canada try out the facebook page alberta dippers
Comment from : w.d.dalton rowsell

w.d.dalton rowsell
canadian chew sucks fucking balls
Comment from : w.d.dalton rowsell

Mike 54321
Canadian dip contains estrogen.
Comment from : Mike 54321

Ha! Outlaw comes out like erry three vidjas!! He jus can't help'm self!!!
Comment from : JTZ

asking Americans
as of sept 3/18   can of skoal in B.C. is 35.95  and the cans are 4-6 months old
Comment from : asking Americans

Rob Scar
Canadiens have bigger penises than Americans
Comment from : Rob Scar

Caleb Quemby
I am from Ontario and I can buy a tin from the reserve for 12$ but usually at a gas station it's 18$ which is retarted
Comment from : Caleb Quemby

David Harvey
Dude lives in California and talks shit about Canada.... I promise you I would never move to California from any other state I've lived in for the same reasons
Comment from : David Harvey

Guns N Galore 2001
Its 6 a can in Florida
Comment from : Guns N Galore 2001

Brodie LeRoy
I’m not sure about the rest of Canada but In eastern Ontario there is native reserves. And Tyandanaga which is right by Belleville sells dip for $6 a can. And it’s fresh I’ve had both American and Canadian and the Copenhagen wintergreen from both places is the same and they do not have the shitty labels and everything on it. Same cans same dip.
For cheap. And you can get away with taking as many logs as you want out of the res.

Comment from : Brodie LeRoy

they won't fist your ass literally but they will tax you 140% duty if you're over the 200 gram limit X'D I've never bought dip in Canada i order it from the northerner its a literal fucking rip off. and cigars are disgustingly overprices to they have a tax of like 56% in Ontario (where i live) and I'd like to move closer to the border so I can go to america whenever i want
Comment from : FuryPulseAVP

Rockstar Mgtow
Shill for big tobacco
Comment from : Rockstar Mgtow

Christopher Dawson
I love southern blend but its not long cut....even tho it says it is....if i wanted to dip fine cut ide buy fine cut
Comment from : Christopher Dawson

Steele Benson
I’m from Canada and I chew southern blend and there is no difference it is a little more dry in Canada but I order from the states all the time and it’s the same
Comment from : Steele Benson

Elias's Wrestling
What is his intro song
Comment from : Elias's Wrestling

Parker Kostyra
I know dip is cheaper in Missouri and shit but y’all ain’t talking bout Minnesota, like 9 bucks a can. We get to pay for new stadium.
Comment from : Parker Kostyra

Jim Thieman
Canada is very anti Tobacco even on the cigarettes they have a pic on there of what it can do to your lungs
Comment from : Jim Thieman

Wyatt Holt
Why isn't this dude at 1 mil yet he is the founder of MUD JUG for gods sake
Comment from : Wyatt Holt

otahu Rice
It's the same here IN NEW BRUNSWICK!! 25 is cheap!! 27 is normal.. here SUCKSS ..
Good thing we're close to Maine!! I get my dip in Maine. 4 bucks. Thank F the beer is stronger..

Comment from : otahu Rice

Daniel Haze
In Quebec I can get a can for 20-22 most places, I get from kahnawake for 8-10 99% of the time though
Comment from : Daniel Haze

also I don't know where the fuck your from but I can get a log(10cans ) at my local gas station of every kind of cope and every kind of skoal
Comment from : thesunvanished

you got a problem with outlaw 😑😑😑😑😠😠
Comment from : thesunvanished

Carter Reid
Free health care
Comment from : Carter Reid

Carter Reid
Comment from : Carter Reid

Kaleb Melton
In Texas Copenhagen is 5.60
Comment from : Kaleb Melton

Cory Himmelspach
I fucking hate Canada. Wish we had Donald Trump and cheap cope and beer
Comment from : Cory Himmelspach

Jeanluc Girardin
No other flavors tho and all of canada has them locked up yes long cut is in plactic cans
Comment from : Jeanluc Girardin

Jeanluc Girardin
Don't say that we have it
Comment from : Jeanluc Girardin

grant kinnear
Whenever I go to the states going to the gas station is like going to the candy story
Comment from : grant kinnear

Kyle Estey
In New Brunswick it’s 27$ a tin and we have for flavours, Copenhagen southern blend, skoal rich, skoal crisp and skoal dark, they are considered unflavoured but the skoal are basically a mix of cherry and berry and apple and berry and the skoal dark tastes like cope southern blend, Quebec has flavoured chew which is also a lot cheaper at 10 dollars a tin, our government has fucked us over we should have flavoured cheap chewing tobacco but sadly we dont
Comment from : Kyle Estey

It’s a blend, not a flavor
Comment from : ALFERDO Sauce

in vt copenhagen with flavors like mint and wintergreen is about 7.50 a can and snuff and long cut is about 6.00 and we dont have straight, southern blend natural and all that shit.
Comment from : HighlandOutDoors

brad Purcell
35 to 40 per can in Newfoundland
Comment from : brad Purcell

Sam Roberts
In Michigan it’s 5.60 a can
Comment from : Sam Roberts

jake jenning
83% speak english 17% speak french or french and english if im correct ik tho 83% speak english
Comment from : jake jenning

Drew Zorio
$3.14 for a can of cope mint in east TN!
Comment from : Drew Zorio

Wyatt Grigor
I live in Canada and the rules for dipping is fucking ridiculous. In a dry camp in Alberta it’s $38 a can haha like wtf? I could get 10 cans in America... fuckin’ Trudeau!
Comment from : Wyatt Grigor

Samuel Gold
There is a loophole in Canada. You can order American dip without the taxes.
Comment from : Samuel Gold

Dylan Gunter
I’m Canadian from BC and I’ve bought cope wintergreen from the USA and there is no difference at all! And I’d pay Canadian liquor prices any day compared to Americans watered down liquor.hahah
Comment from : Dylan Gunter

cringe warning
So I dip a budget dip I think it's ok most people hate it kayak wintergreen is ok to me
Comment from : cringe warning

Watching this made me want some southern blend it’s usually my #2 it’s a great changeup it’s good stuff
Comment from : aaron29851

Quincy Mattes
I live in Canada we have to go to the reserves in Ontario to get any good American chew. Same cans as the Americans and usually about 10$ each so you buy in bulk and make a trip every month. No the usual Canadian dip like in this vid.
Comment from : Quincy Mattes

I live it in bama a can of grizz green is $1.02
Comment from : houseofromanslaves

Amy Blehm
Lost battle quite chewing almost 6
Comment from : Amy Blehm

huter bal
almost threw that can off the table 😂😂
Comment from : huter bal

gerald crosier
A fucking tea flavored did would be great
Comment from : gerald crosier

So does this mean canadians are like, actually a real species?!? Mind=blown
Comment from : NIDYAK GROBYC

Mr.Muddslinger 69
Does anybody realise his voice at 4:37?
Comment from : Mr.Muddslinger 69

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