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Metal Rattle
amateurs huh
Comment from : Metal Rattle

Marissa Magaw
LOL OMG this was incredible to watch lmfaooooooooooo thank you for this video baaahahahaha i'm ded
Comment from : Marissa Magaw

Jeremy Guay
u guys a fuxking idiots
Comment from : Jeremy Guay

Public Enemy
Give me fucking Marlboro next time u come here we have Jack shit tasteless ass cigarettes up here
Comment from : Public Enemy

keith l
Its pronounced du-more-e-eh
Comment from : keith l

Kyle Harding
My dog opened a pack like that once :)
Comment from : Kyle Harding

nicolas cardinal
trust me i live in canada and the other day i got the same pack as you and god it was a pain in the ass to open it i did not know how to open it at first
Comment from : nicolas cardinal

Trixie Cherryskulls
I did too inhale!!! If your feeling let down by my lack of smoke being exhaled, then here!

Comment from : Trixie Cherryskulls

William Ng
U know it's a resealable pack.
Comment from : William Ng

Nick Tulner
She didn’t even inhale!
Comment from : Nick Tulner

Nick k
U guys can’t even pronounce the name properly
Comment from : Nick k

mad max
Total idiot
Comment from : mad max

masterflo 8
Your opening the side its just lift the front of the plastic
Comment from : masterflo 8

masterflo 8
What a dumbas
Comment from : masterflo 8

Brian Scharf
What’s your Instagram or Snapchat
Comment from : Brian Scharf

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