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Toxic Anonymous
Where I live and must be 21+
Comment from : Toxic Anonymous

Toxic Anonymous
Cigarettes are as cheap as $3.20 a pack
Comment from : Toxic Anonymous

i went into ASDA woman refused to serve me tobacco because there was children near waited 5 mins until there was no kids then went back up then bugger a woman comes with a kid gave up and left.
Comment from : HAMISH HAGGIS

Boris Cheshlarov
I am smoker and the highest price for pack of cigarette (Marlboro, George Karelias & Sons) is 150 denar 🇲🇰 or 2.5 € 🇪🇺!!🙂🚬🚬🚬
Comment from : Boris Cheshlarov

whenindoubt mutemyownmouth
Why can't they just print a laminated list of what they stock? Do you carry XYZ brand? Let me look, yes we carry XYZ in regular and menthol.
Comment from : whenindoubt mutemyownmouth

Filips May
Stupid laws in the United Kingdom!
Comment from : Filips May

Derrick McAdoo
SO even if the packet were 'plain labeled' (so as to reduce the enticement of youngsters), the youngsters become just as enticed by the fact that the 'plain' product is behind a secret curtain.
Comment from : Derrick McAdoo

Mamur bogon
Only in UK in Europe they are all different not black package it's the UK government stupid decision why Europe has not done it
Comment from : Mamur bogon

Mamur bogon
It's stupid UK is the most expensive country for cigarette it's cheaper in Germany France and all of Europe 300% tax on cigarette original price 10 pence it's stupid
Comment from : Mamur bogon

“I don’t want that one the picture makes me not want to smoke it“ THATS THE FUCKING POINT DUMBASS
Comment from : sneezocat

Thiago w
"i'lltake a pack of erectile disfuntion please"
Comment from : Thiago w

silly pebbles
Yeah I'll get a pack of rotting titty thanks.
Comment from : silly pebbles

Menames Nstheboss
This is bullshit you can get a pack of 20 for £8.35 depending on what brand
Comment from : Menames Nstheboss

Random Guy
Why do they even have the cover for the cigarettes?? The metal shutter
Comment from : Random Guy

Why are we even listening to what some old people in a building are even saying let’s start a reveloution then government are powerless without sheep enforcing their laws
Comment from : Pixel

In australia prices Fuel , gas, electricity, food, housing, private health, tax, gst and raped for smokes , each time i buy a carton of smokes i become so un patriotic cursing this shitfull goverment, aus is the best at the worst things, backward country. If you're tourist from a poor country dont come to aus youll spend a months pay for a pack of smokes
Comment from : NoChannelChannel

Amila x
I would of just given the man the pall mall for £10 fucking hell 😂 fuck the 49p lool
Comment from : Amila x

Ireland has Plain packaging now. So what did I start doing? I just got a Empty tin and started putting my Cigarettes into that instead.
Plain packaging doesnt do jack shit. I still see just as many young people starting. If you go to my College, There will always be people around the age of 18 smoking outside.

Comment from : SomeStupidFace

Fiordalina Rodriguez
And do and Tha Lord and Tha love there's coming end Tha lamb and Tha Lord is in and Tha heart and Tha people sunny god bless you
Comment from : Fiordalina Rodriguez

The Gent
Comment from : The Gent

I don't care about cigarettes, fack cigarettes. But they are trying to do this to pipe and cigars. Motherfuckers should die.
Comment from : tijmen131

It's fucking ridiculous, the U.K. Is turning into a laughing stock when it comes to cigarettes. Our corrupt government needs to withdraw out of the EU and get a Brexit deal so we can take back our tobacco industry from those who've stolen it
Comment from : DavieCooper1992

god, those guys are hot.... yes, package please...
Comment from : larryorzepa

Patrick Owens
Is there anyway to put pressure on Tesco Asda etc and motorway garages not to sell this poison! Maybe that's something people need to do now start boycotting shops that sell tobacco and cigerettes!
Comment from : Patrick Owens

Patrick Owens
If I was a shop keeper I wouldn't sell tobacco! You are killing people! Smoking should be completely banned!
Comment from : Patrick Owens

Hot Rockin'
Fucked this country now, cigs in the horrible packets, faces pixelated & voices masked, p.c madness. I fucking hate this country now😂👯‍♀️🐶💥
Comment from : Hot Rockin'

This is ridiculous, it doesn't put people off smoking, it just makes it look ugly for everyone else
Comment from : The2011Collector

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